#llats18: Yesterday’s life event, feedback, next life events

Andreas Formiconi

Yesterday we talked about Turtle Geometry and three of the fundamental software constructs: loops, procedures and variables. It has been a good meeting.

We stressed the crucial notion that the first few instructions we have learned are those needed in Turtle Geometry and, most important, to teach Logo to kids. The instruction are:

HOMESend the Turtle to the center of the page
CLEARSCREENDelete all the graphics in the page
FORWARD 100Go forward by 100 points
RIGHT 90Turn right by 90 degree
LEFT 90Turn left by 90 degree


Repeat 4 times the instructions between square brackets

Encapsulate instructions between “TO name” and END in a procedure named SQ (or whatever you want to call it)

You may learn other commands in the following but these may be useful to produce fancy graphical effects or to teach other…

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Mi piace fare bene ciò che faccio: tra il farlo bene e il farlo male si spende la stessa energia, per cui.... anche se l'errore mio fa parte integrante del mio apprendimento e miglioramento continuo!


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