Tapping into Strengths Through MI

Howard Gardner

The Parent Toolkit blog, a website devoted to helping parents navigate the educations of their children from pre-Kindergarten through high school, has released a post by Thomas Hoerr, Head of the New City School, about how to use Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences to tap into potential and boost performance.

Hoerr, who has been working with MI for decades, offers a few tips for how parents can improve their children’s problem-solving and critical thinking abilities through the eight component intelligences:

  • Learn about the different intelligences and what they mean
  • Know your own intelligence strengths
  • Use hands-on, active learning techniques to allow your child to nurture their own strengths
  • Expose your child to the full range of intelligences
  • Encourage diversity through MI

By providing the tools to learn in more than one way, parents can equip children with the building blocks for future success.

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