Federico Batini

Lifelong Lifewide Learning (LLL) numero 25, 1- 2015

Aging population and the current account of the Third Age

Giulia Toti, Marco Bartolucci, Federico Batini

1. The scenario: progressive aging of the population

Since the second half of the twentieth century, following the conclusion of the process of demographic transition, which involved the most advanced countries, there has been a lengthening of life expectancy, due to the improvement of social conditions and health and hygiene. By analyzing the changes that have occurred in the last three decades1, it is possible today to resume and confrm the need to put at the center of policy the theme of aging in modern society, challenge launched in 1982 in Vienna by the United Nations at the First World Assembly on Ageing.

The comparison of the age structure of the population from the years 2005 to 2050 shows a signifcant reduction of the central age…

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