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Welcome Carie Hinkle to the Voki Ambassador Team!  You’re in for a special treat with this Techie Teacher’s Techniques ( gotta love alliteration!)  Take a seat, take some notes, and take heed of our guest blogger’s implementation of technology in the classroom!

Bringing Book Talks to Life With Voki

By Carie Hinkle


Are you searching for a way to breathe new life into student book talks?  Perhaps you want to create a way students can share what they’re reading that transcends the boundaries of your classroom walls.  Allow me to suggest Voki.com.  


Greetings!  Carie Hinkle here.  I’m a sixth grade English Language Arts instructor in the heart of the Ozark Mountains in the U.S. I first came across Voki a few years ago while attending a technology conference.  However, it was a student led event in my own classroom that brought the full value Voki has to…

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