User Generated Education

Responding to Scott McLeod challenge and Steve Hargadon’s Tag:

When it comes to education, we have to stop pretending. .

  • That “we” know best what students should learn; that it is okay for students to not have the freedom, time, resources to pursue their own interests and passions.
  • That is it okay to make students sit in a desk for hours and hours every day learning things they don’t want to learn in a way and a place they don’t want to learn it.
  • That is okay to separate students from the real world – real world environments, real world people, real world problems.
  • That testing matters; that is okay to make students take tests and assessments that have absolutely no connection to real life.
  • That is okay for removed stakeholders to make educational decisions; that it is okay for students, parents, community members not to have a voice in…

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