“Open your heart and soul to the Universal Spirit…”:-)

my virtual playground

several years ago, I had the privilege to spend 3 days in the Monument Valley area… this Navajo nation reservation is located on the Arizona-Utah state line and it’s also known as the valley of the rocks region… the works of the native American artists were created to reflect that special spot where the human soul feels eternally free, safe, alive and peaceful… an amazing place where life and love are unconditional, clean and clear like an eagle in flight or a priceless summer dusk… however, obscure that venue may seem, it’s always there, like fond memories or a dear friend or a lover… this is a unique lieu – soft as mountain moonbeams, true and solid as a rock… breathe deep, feel the sun tenderly touch all life as one, hear the tiny grass grow, listen to Kokopelli’s music – the humpbacked flute player… 🙂

watch the cool streams…

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