5 Ways to Glog on a Field Trip

Glohster blog

Glogster Blog


When I think back to my school years, there’s no doubt that from field trips were the most exciting days of all, and full of big questions: who would sit next to whom on the bus? What was in our packed lunches? Would we be allowed to buy souvenirs? Of course, educators often find field trips as stressful as students find them thrilling, as the task of ensuring that the entire class is looking, listening, and remembering important facts falls upon them. But what if that task didn’t have to be about keeping learners quiet and walking in line? What if there was a way to get real results by letting learners do what they do best – exploring?

With the Glogster application for iPad, learners of all ages and abilities can do exactly that, using their own curiosity as a guide and creating a resource that not only…

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