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A traditional song from the Dodecanese and specifically from Kalymnos. Dancing is imitative and most characteristic of the island. Refers to countless deaths sponge, the main occupation of Kalymnos. These words are particularly poignant and sad and was first in Leros, Kalymnos since the purpose was played orchestral. In recent years, it is customary to sing and at Kalymnos. Performed the unsurpassed island people singers, Anna Karabesinis Sarris and disappears sister Happiness Sarris. In honor of Mrs. Anna Karabesinis has done a special tribute to the show “The Place and the song”: http: // V = N3sGEe …

Or an engineer I will become, or undersand I will left
Or an engineer I will become, or undersand I will left.
Be careful kolaouzeri with Grado at your hand
with Grado in your hand please be careful kolaouzeri.
And please do me well with drills, the legs not spoil

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