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As one could tell from the “About Us” section of this blog, we’re designing and developing a virtual world for education. It’s called Edorble, and we’re excited that in a few months we’ll be able to release a free beta for teachers. We think it will be a personal, playful, and powerful learning environment for online teachers and students. It can be used for synchronous or asynchronous learning. One can sign up for the beta here.

Our company, Worlds Beyond Studios, got accepted into a start-up accelerator program called LaunchU at Oberlin College. The program is forcing us to rethink the difficult questions most startups have to face: how will we make money? are we sure there’s a market for this? what do we need in order to really get this thing off the ground? how will Edorble be different from the competition? We’re in the third week of the month-long program, and our answers…

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