Howard Gardner

Howard Gardner has written editorial pieces for two European publications.

First, the August 18th, 2014, edition of the Danish magazine Frie Skoler included a statement with Gardner’s response to the question, “What is the ideal school?” The original feature is available here; the English version has been reprinted below.

I don’t believe that there is such a thing as an ideal school or school system. Indeed, I think that in any community that is not tiny, there should be choices offered to families. And of course, so much depends on whether one is talking about pre-school, elementary school, secondary school, higher education, or lifelong education.

But whatever the school or system or age bracket, there are two elements in particular that I would look for.

The first is individuation or personalization: to what extent are the particular abilities, interests, ways of learning, and motivations of the learner taken into…

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