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By Kate Torgovnick, Helen Walters and Emily McManus

Session 3 of TEDWomen begins with an empty stage. And then: the noise of drumming breaks through the quiet as four women, draped in shiny blue cloth with gold bands around their foreheads, march onstage carrying with them large, wooden drums. They place them on the red carpet and begin an incredible drumming performance, drumsticks flicking off the tops and an intricate weave of bodies beginning as they play off each other’s drums. This is Ingoma Nshya — the first all-female drumming troupe in Rwanda. The four members performing today: Uwamariya Clementine, Rose Ingabire, Therese Mujawayezu and Marthe Nyiranzeimana. Their story is being told in the documentary Sweet Dreams.

This group was created by Odile Gakire Katese — you can call her“Kiki.” She is the Rwandan playwright, poet, musician and humanitarian who has brought many firsts to the country —…

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