DJ prodigy Cole Plante: “Music is always there for you”

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When Cole Plante starts to DJ, you’d never guess he’s only 17. His hands move over the mixing board with the confidence of someone older, purposefully weaving over the knobs that adjust the sounds and beats. On some of the adjustments, his grip holds a few beats, while others are so fleeting his reflex gives the impression that the controls are burning hot. It’s rhythmic, like a dance, and all the while, he narrates his movements as if he’s an old pro.

Don’t let his age fool you. Cole really is a pro: He has performed all across the United States, from Miami to San Francisco; he has a recording contract with Hollywood Records; and one week after he turned 16, he played the American Music Awards 40th anniversary pre-party. He’s also the youngest DJ ever invited to play Lollapalooza, the prestigious music festival in Chicago.

Away from the mixing…

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