11 of the funniest TED Talk spoofs, and what speakers can learn from them

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RejectTED Talks. Onion Talks. DED Talks. Here in the TED office, you often hear chuckles as someone watches one of the quickly growing crop of TED spoofs floating in the ether. And surprisingly, there are some pretty good lessons for speakers embedded in these spoofs. See what I mean below. The…

An interview with a part-time superhero who has Tourette’s syndrome

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Jess Thom, aka Touretteshero, has learned to turn her neurological condition into art. Photo: Touretteshero Jess Thom wants you to know that it’s okay to laugh. “You’re going to hear the words ‘biscuit’ and ‘hedgehog’ a lot in the next few minutes,” she says at the beginning of her talk from…

How is technology changing our experiences? Further reading on the effects of the “digital now”

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This image of Abha Dawesar at TEDGlobal 2013 gives an interesting illustration of her concept of the “digital now.” We see her … in front of the digital reflection of herself. Photo: James Duncan Davidson How long have you been staring at a screen? Chances are this is not the…

Immersion: A behind-the-scenes look at a tool that maps your life based on every email you’ve ever sent

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Immersion creates a map of the writer’s email account. Your email inbox almost always looks the same. The content may change, but it’s still a chronological list — a narrow, time-based organization of correspondence, deeply set in the present. But a team from the MIT Media lab has created a…

Vajont, 50 anni dopo_I lavori dei ragazzi_IIA

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Qualcuno nel passato disse che insegnare è accendere un fuoco e non riempire un vaso, a dire che l’insegnamento è efficace quando innesca “combustioni” imprevedibili e spontanee. La trattazione della tragedia del Vajont e la visione del film (qui il post di riferimento) ha coinvolto e commosso tanto i ragazzi ed…

Part 1: Math and Project Based Learning… 22 Amazing Resources

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Welcome this first of a  four part series intended to provide Math teachers with some outstanding PBL resources.  First, to ensure you do not miss one of these valuable posts or other resources covering PBL, Digital Curriculum, Web 2.0, STEM, 21st century learning, and technology integration, please…

“Orange Is The New Black,” indeed: Piper Kerman gives a TEDx Talk on life in prison

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Many of us in the TED office have been in Orange Is the New Black withdrawal. We inhaled the first two seasons of the Netflix series, and have been waiting ever since for the new season to come out. If, like us, the mere mention of the show sends Regina Spektor’s “You’ve Got…

My City: Why Shanghai is the ultimate hackerspace

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The Pudong business district of Shanghai is famed (and often reviled) for its efflorescence of gaudy skyscrapers. Photograph: Lawrence Wang. See also Wang’s photoessay of must-see Shanghai places. In 2005, at the start of my first visit to Shanghai, the city clothed itself in a growling thunderstorm. When dusk fell…

“L’homme physiquement“ ne changera sans doute pas beaucoup (si l’on peut concevoir pourtant certaines modifications de détail : une plus complète atrophie des orteils par exemple, une disparition presque totale du système pileux). Nous pouvons donc le décrire. De là nous passerons à autre chose. _ Francis Ponge

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La Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, presenta el MOOC  Innovación Educativa Aplicada.  La característica principal de los MOOC es  que son cursos on-line en abierto (se puede apuntar cualquier persona que esté interesada, sea de la universidad o no),  son masivos (habitualmente hay más de 2000 personas) y on-line. El…

Accogliendo nuovi studenti #loptis

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Post modificato l’11 novembre 2003. Drasticamente modificato! Nel senso che l’ho trasferito, opportunamente rimaneggiato in una pagina statica dedicata all’accoglienza, raggiungibile anche dalla bacheca e dalla colonna a destra in alto nel blog. Non cancello il post per mantenere i commenti sottostanti.

Why Africa is booming: Further watching and reading on the economic turnaround of the continent

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Economic growth in Africa is about to climb off the charts, says Charles Robertson at TEDGlobal 2013. Photo: James Duncan Davidson In today’s talk, economist Charles Robertson turns up the heat on an idea that’s been simmering for several years: that Africa is seeing rapid economic growth. [ted_talkteaser id=1851]Looking at…

Una risposta dalla co-fondatrice di bSmart

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Ho ricevuto questo commento di Michela Barbieri, socia fondatrice della piattaforma d’apprendimento bSmart, ad un mio post sulla nuova editoria digitale. Volentieri ripubblico nello spazio principale di questo blog, un po’ perché i caratteri dei commenti sono poco leggibili, ma anche perché mi pare interessante. Ogni contributo che alimenti le…

Welcome to our issue4 of our european school Journal

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Our issue3 is published today! Hurray!!! We wish you enjoy your travel to our ejournal and do a Journey with our Journal. For all our mates, members and readers of our hearts we give you the follow presentation as grateful gift for your assistance, help, cooperation,…

Is It Project-Based Learning, Maker Education or Just Projects?

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Zak Malamed of StuVoice.Org mentioned in a student voice panel that when given projects by teachers to complete, it was often just another “thing” to get done, just like a paper or worksheet.  I have seen lessons shared by teachers that they called Project-Based Learning, Inquiry Learning, or Maker…