Benjamin Stewart on TILL and MOOC content, designs, participation


Learning2gether Episode 167

Download the mp3 here:

Subtitled: Canvas vs. Moodle, and how to learn via Canvas MOOC

Where? Google Hangout


Benjamin Stewart is “always interested in collaborating/cooperating with other educators.  I’m participating in an Online Pedagogy MOOC and plan to participate in the scenarios planning MOOC at Wikieducator.  I’m always curious about discussing with others not only MOOC content but MOOC designs/participation as well.  I’m intrigued how others view distance courses and usually come from this perspective when I conduct online (informal) discussions.  I usually try to ask more questions than I answer. 🙂

Benjamin tends to ask those questions in Hangouts on TILL, Teachers for Interactive Language Learning, a Google+ community

Informal pedagogical discussion for anyone interested in TESOL, general education, and/or ed. technology.

He is giving a WiZiQ talk on TILL on July 3, 2013 at 11:00 EST (10:00 in…

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