Laine Marshall and Maria Colussa – LTMOOC and the Flipped Classroom


Learning2gether Episode 159

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In planning today’s session,  I thought the topic would be the flipped classroom, so I invited someone who’s presented on that topic before, Laine Marshall, to join us. Laine is also a participant in LTMOOC. Meanwhile I’m pleased to find that I have been learning about Instreamia in flipped classroom mode, as is any participant in that MOOC engaged in learning from the tutorials. I thought it would also be interesting to discuss how we are learning on a spectrum ranging from purist cMOOC to robo-graded xMOOC, and this was touched on in the discussion.

I also invited Maria Colussa to co-host. She has appeared with us previously in Learning2gether and Electronic Village Online.

LTMOOC is an excellent hour-long intro to Instreamia: 5 starts May 13

Week 6 starts May 20

We were requested to supply here a link with mp3 recordings of the hangouts

Laine Marshall presented on Sunday, June…

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